Frru Veg Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.

Model Moringa farming 

Frru Veg Agrotech will sign-up for contractual farming of the Moringa by this model Moringa Farming program. An agreement-based production of the product will be done of any quantity, where we will be providing technical support, and materialistic aid to the farmer.  We introduce you to corporatize farming where you can produce Moringa of any quantity with our technical and agro-consultancy assistance. It will reduce the risk of production, price, and marketing costs. Moringa farming is a sustainable and profitable crop for farmers in many parts of the world. Moringa trees are drought-tolerant and can grow in poor soil, we will chalk out the best way for large-scale moringa farming in India.

Model Horticulture  Program

We believe that corporate farming can play a vital role in the development of the Indian agricultural sector. By bringing together the resources and expertise of large corporations, we can help to improve agricultural productivity, reduce food insecurity, and create jobs in rural areas. Frruveg Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. is committed to using efficient farming methods to benefit farmers, consumers, and the environment. We believe that corporate farming can be a force for good in the world, and we are proud to be a part of this movement. Our farming proforma includes multiple crops under the horticulture program.

Vegetable Farming

Discover the convenience of vegetable farming with us. We provide everything you need for successful vegetable cultivation, all at your fingertips. From a vast selection of high-quality seeds to organic fertilizers, tools, and expert guidance, we are here to support your journey. Grow a variety of fresh, nutritious vegetables right at home or on your farm. Enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting your own produce and contributing to a sustainable food system.

Fruit Farming

We offer a comprehensive range of resources, products, and guidance to help you succeed in fruit cultivation. From top-quality fruit tree saplings to specialized fertilizers, pest control solutions, and pruning tools, we have everything you need. Explore our extensive selection, access expert advice, and embark on a fruitful journey of growing delicious, healthy fruits. With us, you can make your fruit farming dreams a reality. Start browsing now and discover the possibilities!

Model Field Crop Initiative

Field Crop Initiate aims to build up agreements for large-scale production of multiple crops like Wheat, Barley, Corn, Soybeans, cotton, potatoes, sugar beets, sugar cane, hay, pasture, and many others for commercialized outreach in the market. We promise to assist farmers with sustainable procedures for convenient and fruitful farming in a more cost-friendly and introduce new technologies to them. 

Model Krushak Empowerment Program

The Krushak Empowerment program is specifically designed to aware and educate farmers about various farming techniques and technologies. Specialists from Frru Veg Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. will be holding workshops on climate conditions, seeds usage, pesticide utilization for productive farming, and effective output. Farmers are requested to register for the program to attend workshops and get enlightened on farming procedures. Join us to cultivate a better world for agricultural sector of India.